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Hi guys

Im setting up some Desktop Client Monitoring with SCOM 2019. I installed the SQL Server 2019 on a seperated Server and SCOM 2019 on another. Until now all seems to look good.

Now I installed the agent on one of the desktop clients with the settings to report to my SCOM Server. But the agent dont appear in SCOM, unless I switched the security to "review new manual agent installations in pending management view". I dont see the desktop client there.

So I saw that in the information of the SCOM Server is one entry "Client Monitoring Mode = Disabled". So I right-clicked on it an tried to configure it with the wizard.
I tried all different configurations but the result is always "A file share could not be created. Task could not be submitted."

I tried it with and without SSL, with different accounts. I dont know why its not working. Any idea?
I tried it with drive path D:\ErrorDate and with UNC path.

best regards

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    What you're trying to do is a but unclear and your explanation a bit confusing...

    If you're installing the agent directly by running its .MSI on the desktop machine it's normal it won't appear unless "review new manual agent install" is enabled.

    The other thing you're talking about is totally unrelated, it's a feature used (very rarely in my experience) to centralize and forward error reports to Microsoft.

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  1. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    In your questions, you mention two issues

    1. You installed agent does not appear on SCOM "agent Managed" until you momdify "review new manual agent installations in pending management view"
      This is SCOM security setting. By default, it will reject all manually installed agent unless your change setting.

    2) "Client Monitoring Mode setting:
    This setting is configure your organization machine to report application errors generated by Windows client, diagnostic and usage data to MS.


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