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Azure ML notebook kernel changes but not really

Hi, I'm starting to use the ML notebooks in Azure and I'm facing the following issue:
I create a new conda env and enable it via ipykernel, following the documentation[1], and install the Pyserini library.
On a notebook, I am able to import the library no problem with import pyserini, but when I try !python -m pyserini.index, it throws me the following error:

 Exception: No matching jar file found in /anaconda/envs/azureml_py36/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pyserini/resources/jars

Even though I'm not using the AzureML3.6 env

My workaround so far has been installing the same library on AzureML3.6, but in the end, it has some incompatibilities with Python 3.6

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@VitorJeronymo-0573 Thanks for the question. We would recommend raising an issue the following link.

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Oh, you think it might be a library issue?

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@VitorJeronymo-0573 Thanks for the details. Yes it might be Pyserini library issue.

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