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I am trying to complete a Microsoft Learn Exercise "Create a website hosted in Azure" in order to study for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam.

The exercise is here:

The options I get when configuring the WordPress website are not the same as what appears in the exercise, and when I go to review I get an error message that the template deployment failed with multiple errors. The resources were disallowed by policies 'app-service-sku-policy' and 'Allowed resource types'

I completed this exercise with no issues back in May, tried it again in October and I'm getting these errors. I wonder if Word Press has changed their app in the Azure Marketplace and it no longer work with the tutorial?


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  1. Lücking, Oliver 16 Reputation points

    The page has now an auto-forward to another page.
    Still the page is not working and so finishing of the course is not possible.

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  2. Anonymous

    Microsoft Certification Program is supported on their own forums. I'd try asking for help with course issues in dedicated forums here. (Participate\Ask A Question)
    Courses and Course Content/Course Content Issue

    --please don't forget to upvote and Accept as answer if the reply is helpful--

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  3. Javier Coliqueo 6 Reputation points

    Same issue! 151954-issue-01.png
    Does anyone know how to move forward to finish the module? T_T

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  4. Ryszawa, Paweł 5 Reputation points
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  5. Janelle Carter 6 Reputation points

    Hi Patrick,

    I'm sorry I had to "unaccept" your answer as there is a comedy of errors going on here of which I am the principal star.

    I have an issue with a self-guided course at

    1. I asked for help in this Microsoft Learn forum, you tell me to post the question in the Microsoft Certification Program forums - fair enough
    2. I ask for help in the Microsoft Certification Program forum, as you can see here:
      The Microsoft Certification Program people tell me to email
      1. I email, and I get:

    "Thank you for contacting ESI support team.

    Please follow the below steps to submit a ticket for Student Azure Pass related issues.
    Login to the Azure Portal using the MSA/Org ID" blah blah blah

    What follows is steps on how to log my problem SOMEWHERE ELSE
    Which even if I wanted to follow I couldn't because the screenshots are blurry even when downloaded fully
    And I don't have a Student Pass

    PLEASE can Microsoft please confirm who deals with issues with this course?

    As mentioned, this tutorial worked for me a few months ago, and I suspect the example they are using with the Word Press app has changed and might no longer actually work. So it may not be an issue with my account.