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WDS/MDT won't work with non-BIOS UEFI only PCs

Our Server 2012 R2 running WDS v6.3.9600.16384 and MDT v6.3.8456.1000 has been working great until a new laptop came along: Lenovo ThinkBook 15G2ITL

Every PC we've imaged had the ability in the BIOS to set UEFI to Legacy
These PCs are UEFI only, no BIOS

Still PXE boots fine goes into Windows Setup fine until "where to install windows" "Windows couldn't find any drives...

I wiped and made the partition GPT the HD no help....still couldn't find any drives....

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Windows couldn't find any drives

You may try to find the storage driver for your Lenovo loptop and add it to your boot image to see if it helps.
If you can not find the storage driver, you may contact Lenovo Support for help.
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