Restrciting wild card domains on azure app service

Rashmi Sajjan 56 Reputation points

I was able to add wildcard domains and attach to out App service.

Now Our concern is , it allows any domains which ends with say '', at least the landing page of website.

Suppose, we asked customer A to use, if they misspell and use, still they will be able to access this and try to login and end up having error.

So, Is there any way, we can add restriction for subdomain? at App service level to allow only some domains or at Traffic manager level or load balancer level?

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Azure App Services
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Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Traffic Manager
An Azure service that is used to route incoming network traffic for high performance and availability.
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Azure Load Balancer
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  1. Ryan Hill 16,606 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I would think you could leverage a text pattern style management policy scoped to the traffic manager. I'm not well versed in management policies but hopefully the repo provides some tips and tricks. Another option you could do is create tooling that uses the management REST API to create the resources for your customers. That way, you have complete control over the source metadata and how those resources get created.