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I have an issue with the Customs form in the FormRecognizerStudio. When I click on it I get an error: "You don't have an Azure subscription under your current directory (myDirectory) Please go to the Azure portal to create a new subscription and then re-sign in to Form Recognizer Studio."

Then I go to the Account manager and change the organization (one account, 2 organizations) on which I have a subscription, but I can't go back on FormRecognizerStudio to use an organization that has a subscription.

Is there any way I can choose an organization on FormRecognizerStudio (without redirecting on or change the default organization on my account(default one is without subscription)?

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@MateDela-0818 Were you able to logout from form recognizer studio and then change the organization in your account and re-login to the studio? I don't see a way to directly switch the organization in the studio, I think this would be a good feedback to the FR team working on this preview version of studio.

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@MateDela-0818 Did you get a chance to logout completely and re-login to check if you are able to use the studio with the organization that has access to a FR resource in a subscription?

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