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Windows 10 image corruption/causes

We have a new Windows 10 20H2 Education 64 bit image our SCCM admin made but it seems very slow. We've deployed it to several Dell Optiplex desktops, Latitude laptops. What are some causes of Windows 10 getting corrupted from its initial creation in SCCM? I'm running SFC, Dism and not sure this is helping. We also use a standalone application called Dell Command Update which updates/stabilizes the hardware drivers on these devices.

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What was the result of the sfc and DISM command?
Would you mind share your process for deployment?
Did you customize the image?
Where it is slowing?
Is it during the boot time or when using the system?

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SFC fixed some corruption errors and DISM found no errors on all three switches: checkhealth, scanhealth, restorehealth. The boot time is quick 30 seconds or less but when using the system its very slow. I'll have to talk with our sccm admin.

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