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Changing Comboboxes to listboxes


I am very new to VBA. I created a Userform where I have multiple inter-dependent combo boxes which helps me to effect a filter in a Table and view the result in the first sheet. The combo boxes are poplulated with a double-click in the respective combo box. I would like to change the following:

  1. I would like to change the combo boxes to list boxes as combo box only allows me to select one item at a time and with list boxes I will be able to choose multiple items.

  2. Like the combo boxes could I populate a list box with a double-click which initially would be blank? And if I double-click on a different listbox it will reset all and then populate the one which is double-clicked

  3. Make the list boxes inter-dependent as in with any selection on a listbox, the others will be populated automatically with relevant data

  4. I would like to populate the filtered options in the respective cells under the headers (located in the range T6:AC6) in the sheet "Comparaison" with the command button "Filter Selection"

  5. Clear the items filtered with either the button "Clear all Filters" or the Command Button "Reset All" in the userform.

  6. Change the TextBox "N° Maco" also to a listbox and add it to the filtering option like other comboboxes.

I have commented the used VBA codes which I managed to compile so far. I added a link to the sample file with partial data of 3 months for testing.

Please help me to achieve this and try and learn this interesting coding programme.

Thank you

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Hi @SamirRanjanBhowmik-4401,
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