Activating Windows 10 OS with Windows 11 key

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I think I messed up my first PC build a little. Let me start.

I have put together my first PC using a tutorial from a couple of years ago but using newer components (everything works and I can access the BIOS no problem)

I thought I might as well buy the product key for Windows 11 as it's the newest OS and after booting the install media and putting in the key the program said my PC was incompatible with being able to run Windows 11 (probably because I don't have a famed TMP or the PC isn't hooked up to the internet yet)

My question is - would I be able to use my Windows 11 product key to instead boot Windows 10 on my build using the Windows 10 install media which I am sure will run no problem? Or is the process more complicated then that...

UPDATE: IT WORKED! I downloaded the Windows 10 install media and ran it on my system - after inputting the Windows 11 product key the system installed the OS no problem.

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  1. Reza-Ameri 14,826 Reputation points

    In case you have Windows 10 installed and you upgrade to the Windows 11 , your device will be activated. However, you won't be able to activate Windows 10 using Windows 11 product key. You may check with the vendor and see if they have any return policy.
    In case you are not sure if your device is ready for the Windows 11, we advise you to run the PC Health Check app or run the installation and it will check for compatibility during the boot time.

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