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I am unable to approve the notification sent to MS Authenticator

I have a teams shared folder for my work. However when i connect to the folder, i get message to approve the access in authenticator app. But in the app i get message stating " Unable to process notification from your work or school account If this account has been removed from the app please also remove it from the MFA registration page. Otherwise remove the account and re add it".

Prior to this, i mistakenly deleted the Authenticator app and installed it again. I could some how add the account details".

But, now when i access the shared folder, notification is sent to app which i am not able to be approve. Also if i use other option to enter the code from the Authenticator account displayed code, i get message that the code is invalid.

Error Code: 500121
Request Id: a81bc8b9-78af-4459-89a6-4d9455923d00
Correlation Id: 2824f99f-a00b-c000-8aef-ab0c4267f897
Timestamp: 2021-10-14T18:36:40Z

How to fix this?

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For your error, there are several things you can try.

1) Follow the steps to recover your account in the Microsoft Authenticator app.

2) Remove and re-add your account from Authenticator.

3) If you still have access to, you can disable MFA via Powershell, or ask the global admin to do this for you.


MFA not working with Authenticator app

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I am not able to recover the account using the MS Auth app as i am not getting this option any more in the app after the reinstallation. As during the first login the account registration was not successful due to error in the web page and also due to my mistake in uninstalling of the app before successful registration.

Now when i request for approve during accessing of the MS teams folder i am interested I get a message stating
"Unable to process notifications from your work or school account. if this account has been removed from the app, please remove it from the MFA registration page. Otherwise remove the account and re add it."

As i am not able to re add the account, how to remove this account in MFA so that i can register the account once again?.

Appreciate your help in this regard.

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