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Show wrong japanese character in cystal report with windows 10 21H1

Hello everyone.

I have some problems with crystal report in windows 10 21H1
Problem occurs after upgrade to windows 10 21H1
PC information:
- Windows 10 pro 64bit OS build 19043.1237
- crystal report runtime 64bit - version 13.0.24
- crystal report runtime 32bit - version 13.0.18

  • Problem 1. (I do not remember this problem occur before or after upgrade)

  • The crystal report can not print japanese character (Kanji), I try with printer and "microsoft print to pdf". (All japanese character changed to chinese character). I think problem with ms gothic (in report using ms gothic for japanese),

  • I tried to copy ms gothic from other PC(that printed ok) to this PC, but not solved.

  • I printed using PDF(using other PC to export this pdf) and printed to "microsoft print to pdf" it seem ok (japanese is ok)

  • Problem 2.
    Can not remove or install the crystal report runtime version 13.0.24
    error: "Error 1606 Can’t access ASP.NET\ClientFiles\"

thanks ....

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Hi @quanvan-2030 .
Unfortunately, Crystal Report is a third-party application which is not supported in Q&A forum.
You could ask for help here. Thank you for your understanding.

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