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Strange behaviour of Azure function

On and off, I notice that once I redeploy the azure function it will show some errors even it is running fine in the previous version.
There are not code error but the error will be something like missing module like 'pytz', which I believe I did not remove it from the requirement.txt.

The current problem I am facing is I am reading a yaml file from blobstroage, the code was running fine before redeploy and showing error after redeploy. I am not able to find the root cause and I could only restore the code to the earlier time using backup features. But after restore, I am not able to do changes to the code because I am not sure what causes the error.

Any suggestion on how should I deal with this situation?

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@YangChowmun-0538 ,

Could you please provide the details of the error message, may be the full error stack or the screenshot of the error message?
Also please let me know whether the error is seen after the deployment or during the deployment.

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Hi @MughundhanRaveendran-MSFT , thanks for the reply.

I managed to solve it using some additional command when reading from the yaml files.
I am just feel very weird, the issue does not happened before and out of sudden it appears.

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@YangChowmun-0538 ,

Thanks for the update. Feel free to reach out here when you see the issue again.

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