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Bearer token is missing with application proxy


i have the problem that the bearer token (authorization header) is missing after the application proxy is forwarding the request to the backend. We have a mobile app that requests an access token and calls a protected api (web api 2 with OWIN) with the bearer token to fetch resources. The backend uses UseOAuthBearerAuthentication-middleware to validate the token.

If the application proxy pre-authentication mode is set to'passthrough', i can see in the IIS log that the authorization header is sent. The UseOAuthBearerAuthentication-middleware authorizes the user successfully. Everything is working. If the mode is set to 'Azure Active Directory', the proxy authenticates the user, but the Authorize attribute throws an 401-exception, because no validation was done. It is visible in the IIS log, that the forwarded request does not contains the authorization header, so i guess it was removed? It makes sense that the UseOAuthBearerAuthentication-middleware cannot validate anything..

I only found this post about this topic:

The solution provided there is to create a custom header and then map it on the backend to keep the default security mechanism, but to me, this sounds like a hack and i do not believe, that this is the intended way. So is something missing or wrong configured? I thought the application proxy just authenticates and then forwards the request without modifying it, especially if it is a GET request.

I am thankful for every help!


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