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Ingest several types of CSV's with Databricks Auto Loader

I'm trying to load several types of csv files using Autoloader, it currently merge all csv that I drop into a big parquet table, what I want is to create parquet tables for each type of schema/csv_file

Current code does: What I currently have

Streaming files/ waiting a file to be dropped

spark.readStream.format("cloudFiles") \
.option("cloudFiles.format", "csv") \
.option("delimiter", "~|~") \
.option("cloudFiles.inferColumnTypes","true") \
.option("cloudFiles.schemaLocation", pathCheckpoint) \
.load(sourcePath) \
.writeStream \
.format("delta") \
.option("mergeSchema", "true") \
.option("checkpointLocation", pathCheckpoint) \

What I want enter

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Hi @limaleonardo-6934,

Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!
Are you trying to load files from Azure Data Lake Gen2 ?


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Hello Saurabh,

Yes, the files are on Azure data Lake gen 2, the files load fine, the problem is the output using the autoloader and the output format,



note: same question posted on stackoverflow, but no answers yet

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@limaleonardo-6934 I do not think this is possible through Auto Loader but I am checking internally if any way we could do that. I will get back to you.


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