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[UWP] Getting user's b2b key after it's lost

Let's say we have this case:

  • User logs in through the uwp app and makes a purchase for one of the subscriptions associated with the app.

  • We can request customer's b2b key to verify subscription state.

  • In case this key got lost, is there any way to request a new one without interacting with the user?

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Could you explain what's the b2b key that you mentioned, is it Microsoft Store ID key?

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Yes, it's a Microsoft Store ID key, it's mainly required for this API call as I can't check the state for subscriptions without this b2b key, I want to check for the state of subscriptions without a b2b key, is there any way to do that?

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Derive from official document. Currently, the only way to create a Microsoft Store ID key is by calling a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API from client code in your app.

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