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FP Dirver for Windows Update Submission Fail with Error Code 31 (CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD STATUS_MESSAGE_LOST)

The driver version is : "EFD 3.4.12210.15202"
It can submit WU "successful" at
1.SubmitID:400592583,Created date:6/18/2021,Modified date:7/8/2021
2.SubmitID:400592582,Created date:6/18/2021,Modified date:7/8/2021
3.SubmitID:400592580,Created date:6/18/2021,Modified date:7/8/2021
4.SubmitID:400592578,Created date:6/18/2021,Modified date:7/8/2021
but the same fingerprint driver has "failed" on S550-14ALC project for several times at 8/24/2021,and the Submit title is EFD3.4.12210.15202_UW_S550-14ALC_0824.
Error Code :
Rejection Theme: Measure Failure Rejection Reason: Systemic Measure Failure Provide Measure ID(s): 26387262 Bug ID(s) and Partner ID(s): Link to documentation: Link to reliability report (if applicable): Details: Rejected because Measure ID 26387262 (Percent of machines that installed a driver update and reported a PnP error code within two days of install) is failing. Please read more on "" Goal is that it should be <=5%, value was 11.09% on 532 installs. Top failures: Problem Code ProblemCodeDescription Status InfMatchingId Machines Instances 31 CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD STATUS_MESSAGE_LOST USB\VID_04F3&PID_0C4D 43 43

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