Remote-Desktop via Microsoft-Account with no password

MirandaVeracruz 96 Reputation points

Hey guys,

I'm just trying to use the "passwordless account"-feature of my Microsoft account, but when I tried to use RDP it seems not to work yet. I'm logged in with my Microsoft-account on both devices (Windows 11 Pro) but RDP is asking for a password instead of triggering to acknowledge the logon via my mobile device.

Any ideas?


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  1. Daniel Martin 66 Reputation points

    I found a workaround for anyone interested.

    From the MS Account Security Dashboard, turn Off passwordless account, and set up a new password.
    On the device you are trying to log into (if you set it up without a password during install at least) reboot and click "Forgot PIN"

    From the recovery screen, choose to log in with a password, do so.
    When it prompts you to change your PIN just click cancel. It will log you in to the device, and now associate the password with the device.

    You should now be able to RDP in with the newly set password.

    Looks like they know it's an issue too. Typical.

    It doesn't accomplish using passwordless auth, but it does associate a password to a device that was initially set up passwordless, and makes RDP usable again.


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  2. @CmdrKeene 101 Reputation points

    There's been a workaround for this for 7 years now, but it's been a bit of a secret you have to search the web to find. I was motivated to post the true solution to try to share the knowledge, please check out Remote Desktop with Microsoft Account Sign-In.

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  3. Mike Schallmo 16 Reputation points

    I'm in the same boat here. Upgraded my personal desktop to Windows 11 and converted my account to passwordless. Now I can't RDP to my desktop any longer as it continues to ask for a non-existent password.

    Very frustrating!

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  4. MirandaVeracruz 96 Reputation points

    @JohanEriksson - not sure if we're talking about the same thing :-)

    Are you aware of the new Microsoft-Account feature "passwordless account"? Here you do not have a password. Logon-requests need to be allowed via Authenticator-App. In case of RDP I'd expect that RDP-Client triggers a push-notification in my Authenticator-App. I'm not sure if enabling the policy to allow blank passwords is useful regarding security...


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  5. MirandaVeracruz 96 Reputation points

    yes...mildly infuriating :-)
    I absolutely agree! There are tons of new fancy features, but they forget the basics!

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