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ADF pipeline is running slow

Hello Team,

I am executing the python script from ADF but pipe is running from the last 3 hours.

Could you please help me on this.

Run ID -9e70f2c4-062f-4790-ad48-43844bf4c5b4

Thanks in advance
Siva M

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I forgot to attach the screen shot.


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Hi @Siva-2917 ,

Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A Platform.

What kind of task that python scripting is going to perform? Sometimes, depending on the work your trying to accomplish may also contribute to slowness.

Did you tried to run same python script outside of ADF and observe any difference?

Did you tried to cancelling execution and retry to see if it is may be any intermittent issue?

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Hi @Siva-2917 ,

Following up to see if you get chance to see above comment and share updates?

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Hi @Siva-2917 ,

Did you get chance to see comments and share details.

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