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Accessing Code

How do I access the code for an account I am adding on the Authenticator app? I cannot access the accounts on ANY of my devices without the code, and I use that account for school.

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@IvanMendez-0198 , Was the authenticator app already setup and working for you earlier ? If it was then you may want to restore the backup if you had already set that up when you initially setup Microsoft authenticator . Please check the linked article in detail before trying to restore because one wrong step can wipe your backup if it is there.

Do you have an issue adding authenticator app to your account the first time ? Is the school account using Microsoft 365 services ? Are you able to access the account for your school using username/password method ? If yes then you can ad authenticator as an additional authentication method by going to and try to add a new authentication method by adding the authenticator app ? Ideally when you add authenticator as an additional authentication method , you will get a QR code to scan from your phone device , once you have done that it will show you a code on your phone device which you can copy to the add authenticator wizard . Once done the authenticator should have setup.

If you can provide more information we can help you better. . I am not able to understand exactly what code are you talking about and where you are trying to post the same. It would be great if you can provide screenshots of what you are trying to do and we will continue to help you further.

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