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python *.pyd+*.pdb+dumpfile,can not load symbols。

I used vs2015 to build a paddle_pybind.dll and vc140.pdb,and renamed paddle_pybind.dll to core_avx.pyd。
Then,I used python call core_avx.pyd。When the program crashed, I generate a dump file paddle.dmp。
Then,I opened paddle.dmp(used vs2015), and "Debug whit Native Only". And tried to load symbols,but faild.
I tried rename vc140.pdb to core_avx.pdb、paddle_pybind.pdb, but faild。
Can you tell me,what should I do? Thx!

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VS debugger only loads .pdb files that exactly match the .pdb files created when an app was built (that is, the original .pdb files or copies). This exact duplication is necessary because the layout of apps can change even if the code itself has not changed. So, we suggest you need to rebuild your project with new name and don't modify the the name of pdb file. For more information, please refer to: Specify symbol (.pdb) and source files in the Visual Studio debugger

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