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Blob upload to azure blob storage is failed as unable to locate the blob.

Facing issue while uploading a blob to azue blob storage, detailed steps described below

  1. Using azure-iot-sdk-c on top of it consuming CURL api's in application to upload a blob.

  2. CURL-easy-perform is returning a success code after uploading the blob to the Azure blob storage.

  3. But when we are trying to access the file from the portal/front end application, it is throwing error saying as below

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fileContents


Kindly support/assist on this issue

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Hi asergaz,

  1. Uploading zipped log files(text) of size > 80 MB.

The upload operation is working properly for other setups(file size < 50 MB), except once setup which is operating on cellular modem(file size > 80 MB).

Thank you!

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Hi @SubhenduRout-4303,
If you grab the same file and upload it using azcopy or storage explorer what is the result?


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Hello @SubhenduRout-4303 were you able to followup on the suggestion above?


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Hello @SubhenduRout-4303 welcome to Microsoft Q&A and thank you for reporting the issue here.

Could you please confirm that you have followed the steps as described here to Upload files with IoT Hub ?

Thank you!

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