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FSlogix not able to create VHD for users

Hello, I am trying to set up FSLogix using Azure Virtual Desktop.

I created an account for a Storage Account, then I added a new File share.
Then, I click on Configuration, and set "Default to Azure Active Directory authorization in the Azure portal" to "Enabled".
Then, I click on "Access Control (IAM)" and assign the user group the "Storage File Data SMB Share Elevated Contributor" role.
Then, I log in to Azure Virtual Desktop as administrator, mount the share, grant access for users.

But if I log in as a user I see the following FSLogix log file:

FindFile failed for path: \\\share\S-1-12-1-1532581436-1118641155-2452011939-1584453038_UserName\Profile*.VHD (The user name or password is incorrect.)

(I changed the real storage account name and user name, to "storageaccountname", and "UserName".)
This right path, because I can map a network drive using this path with the storage account credentials.

If I understand correctly, the user should be able to access the host without entering credentials.

How can I fix this?

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