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Powerbi MetadataScanning Admin APIs Issue

While we are hitting this API we are getting Info of Workspaces, Reports and Datasets. The missing thing is we are not getting the tables and relationships in the dataset.
"id": "3073fdd3-81c8-44f1-baf5-29f3daf4ce5c",
"name": "orders_df_report",
"tables": [],
"relationships": [],
"configuredBy": "***",
"targetStorageMode": "Abf",
"createdDate": "2021-10-19T05:47:56.173",
"contentProviderType": "PbixInImportMode",
"upstreamDataflows": [
"targetDataflowId": "e99c6789-343b-4933-9735-c67c948bb48d",
"groupId": "027d00ff-e755-4353-87d2-30a209eefea2"
Even though we followed all the things and republished and refreshed the dataset.

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