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Extract alias address from 'ToRecipients' field of GraphAPI response

Hello, the Engineering team

We are facing some issues extracting alias info from email items, which are pulled from a shared mailbox via GraphAPI. Our setup type is hybrid, hence we are routed here by MS Graph API support team.

Below I attached the API EmailItem response and InternetHeaders we got from Graph API:

await graphClient.Users[userName].Messages[immutableId].Request(headerOptions).GetAsync(); (EmailItem) (InternetHeader)

The address field under the 'ToRecipients' array is the primary email address( even we can tell the alias address ( from the header.

It was working around a month ago when we could see the alias address displaying under the 'ToRecipients' field. However, it just doesn't work as expected recently. We feel it is not stable enough for us to rely on. Could you help us figure out the root cause and give us any suggestions if possible?

Please feel free to let us know if we need to provide more details and looking forward to hearing from you!
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Hi @YujiaZhai-3457

Since your question is more related to MS Graph API and Exchange development, I have added the corresponding tags to it.
Please note that the tags "office-exchange-online-itpro","office-exchange-hybrid-itpro" and "office-exchange-server-deployment" are intended for general Exchange server questions rather than development ones.
Thanks for your understanding and hope you will get the answer soon.

In addition, I noticed that you mentioned you are routed here by MS Graph API support team, have you posted in the MS Graph API forum here on Microsoft Q&A forum(by adding the Graph API related tags to the question) ?

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