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MABS not registering with Azure AVS

Hello All,

We are using MABS server to take back up from Azure AVS(US East) and everthing is working as expected. This MABS server is running in native Azure VM, we replicated this MABS server to other region US West though ASR(only OS Disk) and did the cutover and VM came up as exected and everything looks good. Now we are trying to connect this MABS server which is running in US West with Azure AVS which is in US west, however getting attached error. Please suggest...


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@AryanGupta-8199 This is untested and unsupported scenario. The right way to Backup and restore MABS server is documented here -

Havign said that, assuming the AVS vCenter in US west is different vCenter (different IP/FQDN), please ensure that all the steps to add the vCenter to MABS are followed as documented here -

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Thanks for your response, yes this is a untested scenario and we didn't find any document related to it and we are testing different ways to check the compatibility and ability of MABS server. One thing to update we are able to access vcentre which is in US East and able to configure local disk backup from this MABS server which we brought up as ASR replicationin US West , we can see this server is also connected with US East RSV, however when we are triggering online back up nothing is happening , no job is being created at MABS Console. Please confirm can we use this MABS server which is in US West right now to send online RSV data in azure which is in US East....

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@AryanGupta-8199 Since this is not tested there is no direct answer to this. The MABS servers in US West may not be recognized as same registered MABS server which was present in US east.

If we know what is your requirement for which you are replicating MABS server, we can look at providing the right guidance. If it is DR site scenario, the MABS server needs to be rebuilt on the target DR site using the Backup and then you can restore backup or continue to take backup of the VMs in vCenter. The steps to take backup and rebuild MABS server are documented here -

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