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SharePoint is not showing link icon for page anchor, how or where can I find the link?

Hi all, I am completely new to Sharepoint. Working on Sharepoint 2019 right now sadly this was kind of trown in my lap. And at this moment I want to make a series of anchor links on a specific page with a lot of text. But when I add text in the page and mark the title as a section header and publish the page there is no link icon visible on the page. So there is no way for me to retrieve a link for the anchor point. I tried it so many times, on different browers even with no succes.

I tried to find a solution on Google yesterday for quite some time and this is really getting frustrating. Everywhere they write it should work this way but it does not in the version I have to work on. I found one link suggesting that this feature seems to be taken out in this version of sharepoint. But then still, how can I make a anchor link with a workaround?

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Hello @Yamaha-4516 ,

You can add a hyperlink anchor in a SharePoint wiki-page.

Please follow the steps:

1.Enable the bookmark functionality you need to get an admin to enable SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature on the site collection level and then the SharePoint Server Publishing feature must be activated on the site level.


2.Go to the Site Pages library as an admin and create a Wiki Page



3.Start by selecting the text that you want the link to point to. In my test, I select "SectionC".

4.Insert a new link From Address


5.Paste the current page address in the Address field


6.On the LINK tab, add your bookmark name (without the hash)


7.Select the text that should point to your bookmark and insert a new link From Address. In my test, I select "BookmarkC".


8.Type the name of the destination bookmark (don't forget the hash)


9.If you want display icon, you can select the "Display Icon" option in the LINK tab.


10.Save and Publish page.


Echo Du
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Hi @Yamaha-4516 ,

Would you tell me whether your issue has been resolved or have any update?
I am looking forward to your reply.

Have a nice day!

Echo Du

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