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Custom Commands with LUIS custom entities

Is it possible to use LUIS custom entities (for example import a .lu file) with the Custom Commands GUI? Or possible to export a "custom commands" built app and then add more advanced functionality outside of the GUI such as custom LUIS entities?

I ask because if working in Japanese, the prebuilt entities are very constraining but the Custom Commands GUI looks very useful to make apps quickly and easily.

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@holyone2-8265 The custom commands GUI or speech studio allows you to export the application but you cannot add new utterances or intents from this GUI.
However, I have tried a workaround to login to with the resource mapped to your custom commands application and the list of luis applications should display the app that was published from custom commands GUI.

In here, you can edit your intents or entities and then publish them. This ensures your custom commands application or GUI that is linked to this LUIS resource utilize the changed model or luis app and respond accordingly. For example:

If I added a random utterance in my cancel intent from the custom commands application should be able to recognize this with a high score.
Utterance added from


Custom commands GUI:


Similarly I think your custom entities should also work. I found it is easier to test first from the test screen and publish the app and then check the same scenario from your custom commands application. I hope this helps.

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Thanks, this sounds very much like what I want to achieve but struggling a little with the details. I have published a LUIS prediction resource with my LUIS model, and in the Custom Command GUI >> Settings >> LUIS Resources have added that prediction endpoint. However, in the Custom Commands console I am unclear how I would then get a hold of the Entities defined in my LUIS model - as it seems Custom Commands only lets us use prebuilt "parameters" and does not refer to the term Entitites.

In your screenshotted example, it seems you made a @CancelValues Entity, but how did you get access to that Entity in the custom commands GUI?

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@holyone2-8265 The entities are added in the LUIS portal since the custom commands application is actually creating a LUIS app when you link a resource resource from custom commands GUI. I still think the custom commands app is not displaying all the custom entities in its response because the same app when we test from test page or options the JSON response displays all the entities returned for a prediction.

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