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Loading all intents from LUIS intent recognizer

I am using LUIS with speech input according to:

But ran into two problems, would be great if anyone has any advice:
Is there a way to list what intents have been added? When I add all intents from the model (`intent_recognizer.add_all_intents(model)`) it seems no intents can be recognized. When I copy-paste the utterance into the LUIS GUI test pane, it works, but not when running via the quickstart script.
Is there any way to get the full LUIS API result returned? I ask because I want to extract the entities, not just the intent.

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If I understand that would list all the Intents in the LUIS model, but it seems when one uses the speech SDK one needs to load the intents from the LUIS model into the local class IntenrRecognizer. Is there any way to confirm it has successfully loaded after calling



I have a suspicion the reason that the intents are not working is that there is a silent failure when I call these functions, so would be useful to know if those commands have done anything to debug this issue.

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