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How to Create Table tag ( Custom Model using Fott link) for the Non Table layout Invoice document

Hi There,

I'm trying to create a Custom model for an invoice document , in which the line items are not in table format ( fott layout is unable to recognize that the line items in table format) and the end JSON return is not having the bounding box for line items.
Please advise ,how can I achieve this . or am i missing anything.

Thanks in advance.. :)

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Hi, can you clarify a little bit more. Are you saying you have a form with tables but form recognizer isn't extracting table layout information? Please review the following document in it's entirety on how to custom model using labeling tool.

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Thanks for your feedback :)

the document contains line items in table format , but the recognizer is unable to identify as a table item. ( on the preview document , the table icon is not assigned ).

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Sorry for delayed response. Have you gone through the process of using table tags to train your custom model?

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