i7-6820HK CPU support for Windows 11

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Like many others I have a Gaming Laptop with a still powerful i7-6820HK; however whilst Microsoft windows 11 supports a vast list of Intel processors the list is missing the i7 6xxx and 7xxx series. will this be addressed in future updates?

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  1. 80790383 5 Reputation points

    It bothers me that this CPU still isn't listed at supported when I'm 100% sure it will run Win11. Sure maybe a tiny bit slower but it will be usable.

    It's time to allow people to override and install Win11 anyways. Prompt them letting them know their mostly good hardware isn't officially support and they might encounter problems and to backup all important data first.

    Because of Microsoft's lack of support for slightly older yet still strong hardware, I will really think harder before buying future laptops. It's possible I will only go for ones that I can use Linux on and have much longer support for.

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  2. Limitless Technology 39,416 Reputation points

    Hi @A H ,

    I highly doubt that there might be any addition of processors as supported in near future. You can use the feedback hub to raise this issue.

    Some of the 7th generation processor and all 8th generation Intel processor are supported for Windows 11. It seems your Intel i7-6820HK is not in the list and it might not support the Windows 11.

    Windows 11 supported Intel processors


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  3. Kapil Arya 7,766 Reputation points MVP


    Atm, we don't have any update from Microsoft yet, if they will update the list of supported processors for Windows 11 over the time.

    I recommend you to drop a feedback to Microsoft about this, using Feedback hub app.