Directx11 scale image after AcquireNextFrame()

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Suppose desktop resolution is 1366*768, So when we use AcquireNextFrame API it captures frame with dimension 1366*768 but we want to change frame dimension like 800*600 or 1920*1080. Can scaleup and can scaledown. Is there any way to do this. I am trying this is C++.
Please help me in this, Struggling from long time. let me know if more information required.

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    You can create a HBITMAP with CreateDIBSection and copy the bits from the final
    D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE.pData (from the end as bits are inverted (from image size - RowPitch))
    Then you can resize the HBITMAP with StretchBlt

    For example, I did a test by dividing the size by 3 from the screencopy with StretchBlt on the main window DC :