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How to stop Microsoft Edge duplicating tap starting from the current page.

From yesterday, my Microsoft Edge started to open the duplicated tap from the current page I was looking at, as opposed to my intention. For example, when I'm reading Page 5 of some pdf file on Edge and duplicate the tap, then Edge starts the new tap from Page 5, which I do not want at all. I just want the duplicated tap to start from the first page, not the current page I was reading. To sum up, I want to know how to stop the current unwanted function of Edge. Thank you.

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Hi @Metric-7436,
According to your description, I did some simple tests on this, and I found that this function works fine. I'm not sure how you operate this function, do you use a mouse click or a shortcut key? If you use the shortcut key, then this is a reasonable result. In addition, you can check the Edge shortcut Target property. Right-click Edge icon -> select Properties -> Shortcut tab -> check whether the value in Target only contains path info. If possible, please provide detailed steps to reproduce this issue, which will help solve the problem, thank you for your understanding.

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