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How to setup RDS Profile Disks combined with Folder Redirection GPO

Hi, we have a customer running an RDS Session Collection with 4 RDS Session hosts.

Currently they are using Roaming Profiles but these keep acting up sometimes. We would like to switch to RDS Profile Disks but we will also need Folder Redirection combines with these profile disks.

A profile disk contains all user data by default but we want to store the Documents and Downloads data on a separate share. Having the data there allows us for easier backup and restore of these files. (file based and not having to restore or mess with an entire profile disk).

My question is how do I setup Folder Redirection combined with Profile Disks? I already have the GPO in place for Folder Redirection, all we need now is a switch from Roaming Profiles to Profile Disks.

When setting up RDS Profile Disks you can select what data needs to be included in the profile disks. Do I need to unselect Documents and Downloads in that setup screen or leave them enabled so that the Folder Redirection works on top of that? I read that if you disable this in Profile Disks that nothing happens and everything regarding Documents and Downloads will be ignored but I'm not sure if the Folder Redirection works with that setting disabled in Profile Disks.


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