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How to capture screenshot of a window in desktop 2 when we are in desktop 1 using c# in windows 10/11

Can anyone please help me how to capture windows running/located in desktop 2 when we are in desktop1 using c# in windows 10/11:
Working on a automation project which has to work in desktop 2 and I have to take screenshot of each step. I tried lot of ways but all are taking desktop 1 screenshot instead of desktop2 but my automation will run in desktop2

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Do you mean a computer with two displays or two separate desktop computers?

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A computer with virtual desktops feature provided in windows 10 and 11

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@SridharR-0383, you could try to use Screen.AllScreens to get the screenshot of the window you wanted.

Please refer to the link: screenshot-from-second-screen

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Jack, I am not looking for dual monitor nitor screenshot, looking for capturing image from virtual desktops(this feature is now available in windows 10)

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@SridharR-0383, do you mean the shortcuts by shift+windows+s to capture image?

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