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.Net CLI issues

Tried to run commands as simple as these.. but it is not working! I have Visual studio 2019 with up to date SDK and runtime. My environments is all good.

dotnet tool install -g dotnetsay

dotnet tool update -g Amazon.Lambda.Tools

i keep getting this similar error every time -----

error NU1101: Unable to find package dotnetsay. No packages exist with this id in source(s): Microsoft Visual Studio Offline Packages
The tool package could not be restored.
Tool 'dotnetsay' failed to install. This failure may have been caused by:

  • You are attempting to install a preview release and did not use the --version option to specify the version.

  • A package by this name was found, but it was not a .NET tool.

  • The required NuGet feed cannot be accessed, perhaps because of an Internet connection problem.

  • You mistyped the name of the tool.

For more reasons, including package naming enforcement, visit

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