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Windows 2019 cluster and ODX support


Two Windows 2019 VMs are clustered in Vmware. The volumes ( boot and filesystem volumes) are created from vvol datastore.

Test setup:
Created 2 SMB shares on different fileserver
Mounted the SMB shares on Windows client (Windows server 2012R2 or Windows 10E)
Copied data from one SMB share to another SMB share.
Data size is of 95GB, consisting files of varying sizes from 1.2GB to 2.8GB.
Monitor the network utilization during the copy operation with ODX enabled and disabled in Windows client.

Didn’t observe any changes in the network utilization with ODX enabled or disabled.
Experiments with ODX enabled and disabled showed almost the same network bandwidth utilization.
Observed the same result in both windows2012 server R2 and Windows 10E clients.

Note: The backend array has ODX capability.

Checked ODX feature is enabled in the server

Am i missing something here with respect to host side settings. Any logs to understand why ODX is not woking.


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