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Exchange 2019 and unsearchable calendar items

Hey all,

I have a weird one

Server Environment is Exchange 2019 CU10 on prem with no hybrid links (Version 15.2 (Build 922.7))
Client environment is Outlook 2013 (15.0.5363.10000) Online mode, not cached.
Previously we were on Exchange 2013

5 users all have publishing rights to a Mailbox Calendar and create appointments on that calendar.
Not meetings but appointments.
Lets call the shared Mailbox Reception for simplicities sake

This all works fine and has for years. Starting when we upgraded to Exchange 2019 these users have had sporadic issues with newly created items.

A user (Lets say Sally) will create an appointment on the Reception Calendar
All 5 users can see that appointment, they can open it, they can interact with it
They can't search for it and neither can the Reception user as themselves.
It also doesn't show in OWA.

If any of the users then opens the item, makes any change and saves it - it can be searched by all users.

Now this doesn't happen every time, it seems to be sporadic as to when it happens.
Last week 20 items were created - only 1 had this issue
The week before there were 30 items, again only 1 had the issue.

Different users created these items but. So there is no one user with the issue.

So its weird because it shows in Outlook, Exchange Get-CalendarDiagnosticLog shows the item being created - but searching doesn't work

There are no Plugins in use in outlook.
OWA shows the same issue
The mailbox has been moved to a different Database
Databases are on different servers

Has anyone else seen this?
My gut says more BigFunnel weirdness :/


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5 users all have publishing rights to a Mailbox Calendar and create appointments on that calendar.

Do you mean those 5 mailboxes hosted on your Exchange 2019? If so, where is the calendar shared from? From external mailbox or a mailbox in your Exchange server? Then, I will check from my lab.

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All mailboxes in in Exchange 2019 on prem.
The calendar is shared from the "Reception" mailbox within the Exchange environment.

All 5 users -> Same Mailbox DB, Same email address, Same DAG.

It doesn't happen to every created item but, only some.

I haven't yet found the pattern

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First, random problems are difficult to troubleshoot, and if this issue could be reproduced, it will be helpful for troubleshooting.

I would want to double confirm with you that how this calendar shared? "Publishing Editor permission" or "Publish Online":

if you use the "Publish Online" way, I would suggest you try with the "Publishing Editor permission".
If you use the "Publishing Editor permission", I would suggest you try to check from the cache mode, this phenomenon may caused by the network.

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