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Cannot send information to dialog box- Outlook Add-in

Hello, I cannot send information to my dialogbox in my Outlook add-in. Here is the Javascript code in the parent:

  var url2 = window.location.origin+'/dialogbox.html'
  var dialog
  Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync(url2, {height: 50, width: 50},
           function (asyncResult) {
               dialog.messageChild('hello from the parent', {targetOrigin: "*" })     

And here us the Javascript in the child dialog box:

 Office.onReady().then(function() {
 function onMessageFromParent(arg){

However, the message 'hello from the parent' is not printed in the console.

Instead I get the following in the console:

 Tracking Prevention blocked access to storage for [https://localhost:3000/commands.html?_host_Info=Outlook$Win32$16.02$en-US$$$$0]

What am I doing wrong? How can I pass the message to the dialog box?

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