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An attachment is displayed in Outlook Web and cannot be viewed or deleted

As you know, we can see our E-mail all the attachments in the following link
But there is a problem with my attachment list:
I deleted an email long ago, but unfortunately, the attachment of that email did not disappear from my attachment list.
Just like this:
When I click the download button:
That means I can't download it, I can't preview it, I can't delete it.
Questions you might ask:
Q1: Is it the cookie or cache of the browser?
A1: No!I had to switch browsers and computers several times to make sure it wasn't.
Q2: Can the above phenomena be seen on other devices?
A2: Yes, the Outlook APP for Android and ios also shows this attachment(Under the premise that the APP is a new installation).
Q3: Have you contacted Microsoft support?
A3: Yes, I tried as early as last year, but they always asked me to find my own problems.
Q4: This is a problem that doesn't affect use, so why do you have to fix it?
A4: I need to know the reason for this problem and how to solve it in case I have this problem again in the future, it is a bug of!
Q5: Are you sure you have completely deleted the email carrying this attachment?
A5: Yes, I even deleted all my emails to make sure!
Q6: What is the domain name of your email?

So, who can tell me how to solve this problem?

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Hi @chenchen-4775 ,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

According to your description, the issue you encountered is related to account. But please understand that questions about are currently not supported in the Q&A forum, so I’ll change the tag to not-supported instead.

Meanwhile, for the related questions about or, you can ask in here:

Thanks for your understanding.

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Oh......OK, thank you, I think will not give me any useful answers, but I'll try.

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