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AppService AD Authentication by pass swagger url


I have deployed a java web api into AppService and enabled the AD Authentication (HTTP 401 Unauthorized: recommended for APIs),

I have a swagger url that doesn't need to be Authenticated,

How can I achieve to allow swagger url without Authentication


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Hi Team,

Can you let me know if we can bypass swagger urls in AppService AD Authentication

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kumar-0803, Apologies for the delay in responding here! I'm taking a look into this now and will get back to you shortly.

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kumar-0803, I'm also discussing on this internally and have relayed your feedback to our product team. I'll post back as soon as I hear from them. Thanks for your patience.

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kumar-0803, Apologies for the delay on this! I'm still waiting to here from our team and will post back soon. Thanks for your patience.
I'll also follow-up with you privately.

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