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Avoid using "populate a word document" connector in my flow

I currently have a Power Automate App that takes text and images and patches them into a SharePoint list. My original power automate flow triggered when a new item in the SharePoint list is created. It then initializes variables to convert the pictures properly. Next it populates a word document (premium feature) and finally creates a file in SharePoint.

Is there any good substitute for populating a word document since it is a premium connector? I've seen a few videos that suggest get file content, create file, update file properties, and get file content. These often require creating a new content type on SharePoint. However, they don't show how to get text/images from a power app into the new content type. Is there anyway to take the content from the SharePoint list and plug it in to some sort of file?

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As tag "office-word-itpro" focuses more on general issue of Word client, to better help you, I would suggest you post a new thread on following forum.
Power Automate Community
Thanks for your understanding.

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