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Trying to setup action groupwith Cloud Service (classic) - health alerts not reporting


I'm not sure if I've misconfigured something - I'm not an azure pro!

We have a cloud service (classic app) which is generating health alerts when I stop / start it - i.e. I can see the events in the Azure portal (Service Health->Resource Health->(service name) )

But these aren't getting sent to the webhook / email action group I setup

In Azure I've added an Alert rule (Alerts->Alert rule)

  • for the Resource - selected my Cloud Service (classic)

  • Alert Conditions - All selected

  • Actions -> my action group (which just sends to a webhook & my email (which i got the creation email for))

Is it something to do with classic service not supporting this feature? or do stop/start health alerts not generate emails? Or is there something i need to do to generate health alerts ??

Thanks in advance!

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