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[WHCP][HLK 2022]New Camera Hardware Privacy Shutter Indicator _LEDs Guidance

Dear Sir,

Microsoft release the document "Camera Hardware Privacy Shutter Indicator _LEDs Guidance v2(2021/4/5)" provides guidance for device partner building privacy shutters into Windows devices. Our Camera ISP designed "Camera Kill Switches" form, can use the switch to physically disconnect the sensor rather than the entire ISP. Absolutely that entirely using hardware without any software.
Questions: Use switch (like, hardware physical button) to turned sensor power off, ISP firmware would be responsible for transparently synthesizing black frames when the sensor is power off. how to inform OS the shutter state, with this information, Windows Camera application can inform the use that camera is blocked?

The document also indicate that "In the future HLK release" can verify the following requirements:
1. New device that choose to implement Privacy Shutters will be required to not allow SW control of the shutter state.
2. Camera privacy LED Considerations: With Hardware control, the LED would be turned on without any firmware control, based on signal such as sensor power or the data clock.

Question: "Can we verify above features with HLK Version build 22489?"

Any advice will be all appreciated.


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