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Integration Runtime Oracle database connection error ERROR [08S01]

When connecting to an external Oracle database with Integration Runtime (5.9.7949.2) the following error pops up after trying to copy data in the Azure Data Factory:
ErrorCode=UserErrorFailedToConnectOdbcSource,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=ERROR [08S01] [Microsoft][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]Socket closed.

 ERROR [08001] [Microsoft][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Connection Dead.,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary.Odbc.OdbcConnector,''Type=System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException,Message=ERROR [08S01]

This Integration Runtime worked perfectly before and suddenly stopped working. At the Oracle database side, no settings were changed. At our side, we did not change settings either. The Integration Runtime is still running in the Data Factory.

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Hi @ThijsvanBerkel-4985,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum and sorry for your experience because of this issue.

As per discussion with internal team, this has been identified as a bug with SHIR version >= 5.9.7900.1.

Product team is actively working with the driver team to find root cause and fix it. In the meantime as a mitigation, could you please try installing SHIR version 5.9.7894.1 (Downgrade SHIR to version < 5.9.7900.1) and let us know if the problem while testing connection persists?

Here is the link to download this SHIR version:

After installing, please disable the auto-update feature in ADF portal for now (until this is fixed permanently).

We will keep you posted here as we have further updates from the product team.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused because of this issue.

Thank you

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Thanks for the info, we had the same problem and following your instructions, we managed to solve the issue. Is there an article I can follow so we know when it's good to update to the most recent version?

Thank you!

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HI @allanmartins, Glad to know that above information was helpful to fix your issue.

Typically there is one section in SHIR release note which calls out the bug fix for previous versions. If customers encounter any issues or bugs, they can upgrade to the version which has already provided the fix.
Furthermore, it is recommended customers to enable auto-upgrade in their development and test environment where they can test the latest features and enhancement. But it’s better to use a stable version in their production environment until a newer version is fully tested in development and test environment.

You can look for newer version of SHIR in download center here If you download the release notes, it should have info about this bug fix once it is fixed officially by product team.

Hope this info helps.

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