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how to create driver for my USB device


Our product has USB interface. It emulates UART over USB. It uses our own USB VID and PID. We also wrote a Windows desktop GUI application to communicate with our product over USB. We connected our product to a PC with Windows 10 Pro. The device was automatically detected and our GUI software could communicate with it. No driver was needed.
Unfortunately, the same doesn't hold true for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. It complains about "unknown device" when our product is connected to a PC with those older Windows. Hence we thought of creating a driver for our product, so that it can be used with Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. How do we create such a driver? My understanding based on Internet search is:
1. Create a .inf file - which is a text file specifying some information, such as VID and PID. Unfortunately, I didn't find a proper template for the .inf file. I referred to some inf files available on the Internet and created a similar one for our product.
2. Then I installed Windows SDK and WDK. That WDK includes a utility called inf2cat. It supposedly creates a .cat file from a .inf file.
Questions: is the above understanding correct? It isn't working anyway. I tried running inf2cat as per instructions on this page. Unfortunately, I always get the error "Operating systems parameter invalid". I tried all OS codes (such as "10_19H1_X86") but none worked. What am I missing?


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