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Issue with Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Remote Debugging , but it works on Visual Studio 2019 Professional on the same machine


I have the following situation: I am unable to remote debug an Azure BOT (Web/App Service) using VS 2019 ENT , but I am able to use 2019 PRO. On my secondary laptop, I also have both 2019 ENT and PRO, but I am able to debug via both versions.

When I attempt to debug via 2019 ENT, through Cloud Explorer, I can right click, select Attach Debugger. VS 2019 ENT then going into (warming up site, looking for process to attach too). When it gets to Attaching the Debugger, it just sits there... forever... I left it this way for hours at a time just to see what would happen. Clicking Cancel does nothing, so I have to use Task Manager to kill it.

I guess I can re-install 2019 ENT and see if that helps or do a repair, but other than that, is there anything anyone can think of to try?

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I have VS 2019 ENT and VS 2019 PRO installed. They are both fully patched with Windows 10, VS Patches, SQL Patches, you name it no more patches. I have 2019 PRO on it until I purchased ENT and installed that as well.

I have multiple machines setup this way and only this one gives me an issue.

I was going to try the solution on another thread of using the Publishing UserName/Password and Attach To Process, versus cloud explorer, but I don't see a UserName and the password is encrypted and Im not sure how to unencrypt it.

Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts. I will come back if repairing or reinstalling works.

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Thanks for reaching out to us here! I removed the tag of "azure-bot-service" and added "vs-general" since this issue is more about VS itself.


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Hi, @DillanPalmer-3862

On my secondary laptop, I also have both 2019 ENT and PRO, but I am able to debug via both versions.

Did you perform the same operation on both computers? Are there any differences between the two Visual Studios, such as the version of vs, installed extensions, etc.

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No there are no differences that I am aware of, they both have the same versions of everything.

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Hi, @DillanPalmer-3862
You can try to repair Visual Studio and start it with the /safemode command.

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