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Direct Access iphttps URL show old certificate


I have Server 2012R2 that has 2 network adaptors. LAN and External. Both are behind NAT. Overlooked that there ended DA certificate (3party used public).
Removed old certificate, updated to new issued 3 party public, double checked via powershell and regedit keys. Iphttps - went ok, green. Internally - all sistems are green in DA console.

But when i browse to or just to that url https://da.daurl:443 - it is still showing me old certificate! The old one was removed from server. I tries to rebuild DA. Removed configuration, started from start. Pointed to new certificate, used same url - but everything is still the same.

And i cannot figure out where and why this problem happening. We have local CA, but as we used public, 3 party CA - local CA does not have anything to do with this. I am lost here.

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