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Hi Sir,

I have created a formula using index and match formula as per picture & attachment. However, the answer didn't reflect the correct value. Kindly advise.

For your info, Tension and Shear reduction factors are similar as per columns F & G, therefore the formulas were similar. I have no issue with the reduction factors at columns F & G, rows 12 to 14 where data was index from table RFCS.

However, the reduction factor at cell F15 is referenced with table RFED. Cell F15 shows incorrect answers from the data and formula given. For example, 190 in cell E15 shall indicate the value 0.89 instead of 0.72 at cell F15. Kindly advise what is adjustment required that cell F15 shows 0.89.


File as per link:


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    Hello @KAR FUNG in formula of cell F15, in second MATCH should you not reference ActualEdge (instead of ActualSpacing)? That would return value 0.89.

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