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How to fix an unreadable photo, an unreadable video - a problem with reading an email address.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am addressing you with a very cordial request for your support. I need help in fixing a poor quality unreadable photo, and a poor quality video file. Both in the photo and on the video the contact e-mail address to the person who recorded the video is not readable. It needs to enable in the Microsoft Azure Cloud such an application that, using artificial intelligence, will fix an unreadable photo, make the e-mail address in the photo readable.

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I'm not sure if all the applications available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud will run for me. My Laptop is an Hp EliteBook 8470p Model with an Intel i5 3410m processor and Intel QM77 chipset, and an Intel 4000 graphics card. Can I use a photo editing app on Microsoft Azure on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone?

If I have never once used a single application in Microsoft Azure - and the Microsoft Azure trial period has ended for me then what can I do - to renew the 30 days trial period? Dear Sir, they robbed me of $1129 from the card. This ProfitMaximizer. Can you help me? Please give me instructions on how to reactivate trial / Trial Subscription 30 days for Microsoft Account

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Can you help me as best you can with this problem? Can we connect remotely Online with each other for ease? I need you to run a Premium Subscription in Azure for me. I still hope that I will still be able to run applications for editing Image files, and applications for Editing Video files - which will help me to read correctly the e-mail address that is saved on a blurred photo, or Video. I urgently need to contact the person who bought access to the ProfitMaximizer Platform and who logs in to the Platform by e-mail and password. Unfortunately, because the Video presentation on the ProfitMaximizer website is made in SD resolution, there is no proper rip and synchronization - because the animations and transitions in this video are made so that photo editing and video editing applications can not read the e-mail address. I would like to ask you very warmly for your support.

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Please help me through the Microsoft Azure Help Forum. He needs help and support.

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Can you send me help? Send me now a link to information on how to check if the balance of $ 200 has been consumed by me? Please let's check it out together Online. I look forward to your further instructions.

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Guide me step by step so that I can correctly get a check if my $200 balance has changed? If so how many funds I have used - how do I check it? Tell me where e Menu of my account I have to check the amount of funds used, and the amount of remaining funds on the account balance.

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