Network Routing in a Nested Hypervisor

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Hello, I'm setting a Lab environment in azure for testing RDS .

Here is my setup with servers and roles:

  1. DC-01 = Domain Controller, AD FS
  2. RDS-VDI = RDS Web and RDS Connection Broker
  3. RDS-VH = RDS Virtualization Host (Allowing Nested Hyper-V)
  4. WAP-01 = Web Application Proxies.

I have a VNET with two subnets:

  1. DMZ ( - WAP is ihere
  2. Internal ( - Other servers are here

My goal is to setup a RDS (VM based) where I can stream the nested VMs (created in RDS-VH) to outside world.

I'm having the following issues with Nested VMs.

  1. I'm unable to enable MacSpoofing for RDS-VH as I don't have access to the physical machine that hosts RDS-VH (can I raise a ticket to do this)
  2. When I create an internal switch and allocate different IP Range (for e.g. 192.168.100.x), I can't have nested vms join the domain as they don't see it.
  3. I create an external switch, and azure will not even allocate an IP for the nested VM

How can I overcome these challenges and get to a successful deployment?

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